The Top 10 Funny Dogs On Instagram to follow

The Top 10 Funny Dogs On Instagram to follow

I don't know about you, but I love Instagram!!  and although I'm relatively new to the social media site, something which hit me in the face within the first week of surfing it was exactly how many dogs had their own Instagram accounts! I mean there are literally millions! I couldn't believe how popular this past time is for owners and their pooches! Whether they're showing off their designer dog collars, their new vacation, or simply their daily afternoon walk! There is no shortage of doggy fun to be had following these dogs some of who are actually now classed as celebrity dogs. So i decided to research the Best dogs on Instagram (not neccesarily the most followed although some of my top ten are also in the top ten followed). This is MY compilation of my favourite ones to scroll through on a Sunday afternoon that will make you laugh and go aaaah! aswell! Enjoy!


10) Marutaro


smiling dog on instagram


Marutaro is simply one beautiful dog! With over 2.6 million Instagram followers he is definately doing something right. He already has his own website selling keyrings, mugs, bags, cushions, books t-shirts and lots more besides! This Shiba Inu seems to spend alot of time sleeping ! and likes to cuddle up to his various teddies, with his special one being his polar bear buddy. Altogether now ahhh!!!


9) Digbyvanwinkle


funny dogs on instagram follow now

Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle from Wellington, New Zealand come in at a respectable 9! They may not be the prettiest dogs on Instagram but they sure are two of the most charismatic and funny ones out there! They love to dress up, using simple accessories to make bold statements, From simple trucker hats and blonde wigs to Winnie the Pooh outfits and Unicorn attire. These two really know how to put on a show!! but its the photos of them together (like this one above) that make them stand out from the crowd, their genuine love for each other shines through the camera. That's Friendship goals!!


8) Little_london_maltese)

Best dogs to follow on instagram

Officially the most followed Maltese dog on Instagram with over 85000 followers. Lilliput was discovered at a dog show where she was taking part in a fish eating competition! Now the London pooch travels the world and has worked with the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Good Housekeeping, River Island and Mungo and Maud. Its estimated that this little diva earns an income of over £35,000 a year!

Her feeds are full of both glamourous photoshoots and behind the scenes action where she shares her ups and downs in life. Speaking in her signature Cockney accent, she introduces us to her world through the social media spotlight- Meez bro (her brother), Meez fwriends (her friends) and  Meez Mummy (you get the picture) they all feature prominently in her jetsetting lifestyle. But despite all the fame and fortune that she has amassed - she is still a London girl at heart -innit!


7) EllaBeanTheDog


Best dogs on instagram 2017

This little cutie resides in Brooklyn, New York and has amassed an impressive 90,000 followers.  Her posts feature her various trips out to parks, shops (designer only daarling) spas and upmarket coffee shops. But also more intimate photos of her at home enjoying bubble baths, the odd glass of wine and working on her computer! She is certainly a busy pup who advocates various charities in her spare time (she was herself a former puppy mill rescue) but always makes time for her other doggy pals who she features regularly. A down-to-earth girl from the block  who done good!


6) TrotterPup


 Who doesn't love a dog that dresses up!  Amongst my favourite of his outfits has to be Luke Skywalker, a Harry Potter inspired costume and a hip-hop gangster. But its Trotterpup's cool, chilled out vibes that I'm loving the most. He doesn't take himself serious at all, and likes to promote local dog rescues to his 200,000 followers. This is my kinda dog!



 No 6) Dolly Pawton:

Just the cheeky name of this chihuahua deserves a mention! With a following of 71,000, this Instagram celebrity dog describes herself as a fashionista who is a LGBT activist. She is signed to a top US agency and has worked with Selfridges, Benefit Cosmetics, Studio headphones and Daniel Wellington watches who feature in Vogue and People magazine.

Dolly Pawton daily posts feature a different designer outfit almost every day and is often pictured with a glass of wine in hip and cool locations about town. Some might call her "The Kim Kardashian" of the dog world (I'm not sure she would agree) but she definately loves to take a picture, especially in her pearl necklaces and bling dog collars! If you've got it flaunt it baby!!





5) Nerochihuahua


Best dogs to follow on instagram 2017


Nerochihuahua is UK based pup, with a laid back attitude and a better wardrobe than most humans! He likes to dress up, but in sophisticated outfits that accentuate his character. He likes to show his 12,000 followers his different adventures that he gets up to on his outings to coffee shops, castles, and the good old fashioned UK pub! This pup is quite the entrepreneur and has his own website selling a range of NeroChihuahua pins!  A furry force to be reckoned with!



4) Tunameltsmyheart


Tuna's bio reads "If you could use a little bit of joy and laughter, you've come to the right place!" And certainly Tuna delivers on this promise! This recent pic of Tuna celebrating the Queen's 91st birthday makes me chuckle every time I see it. And there are plenty more to choose from (in fact I struggled to choose just one) Every post makes me chuckle with not only cheeky photos but laugh out loud captions.

This Chiweenie with an overbite is no flash in the pan- he already has amassed over 1.2 million Instagram followers ( which is pretty unbelievable), has his own book out which sold out on Amazon! and travels around the world promoting it to his fans!





2) Tunathelongdog


kin kardashian of the dog world


These two dachshund sisters are the Kim and Khloe Kardashian of the Instagram dog world! Every single post is professionally shot , with not a hair out of place , definately worthy of a place in a Doggy Vogue magazine! Unlike alot of my top ten, they don't tend to dress up in funny costumes much, but instead like to show off their understated sense of style in their funky bandanas and their simple yet sophisticated collar and lead collection.  But their fun captions, make sure the audience know that they don't take themselves too seriously, my favourite being "Sisters are like fat thighs... they stick together! "

Love these sausages!


1) Rosenburgbergthedog


favourite dogs on instagram


This chap and his Dad have to be my number one guilty pleasure. Their feed is full of posts like these where they dress up in identical outfits, and this really was the first of its kind on Instagram, no one had done it before. Its rare in this day and age that you can think of something so simple yet so funny that is totally unique aswell- of course now there are many people trying to emulate these two, but  these two are the originals and the others just pants in my opinion!

Every post makes me laugh- I mean they look exactly alike! Those eyes, that nose! They could be twins. And Rosenburg looks like he is enjoying every minute of it. Teen Wolf, Star Wars, Superman- I can't decide my favourite outfits, but I can decide my favourite dog to follow on Instagram- congrats Rosenburg and his wonderful Daddy!


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