Top 10 Dog Inventions that never really took off!

Top 10 Dog Inventions that never really took off!

I love dog inventions! Just when you think that everything that could be invented for dogs has already been invented, along comes someone with a new invention that takes your breath away...for all the wrong reasons! Sit back and relax whilst i take you on a tour of completely useless dog inventions!

 10) Fence Peep Hole- Now if you're like me and have a crazy dog, you will know that dogs (especially naughty terriers) if they see a fence, they instantly are trying to work out how to get over, through or under it. This invention apparently solves that problem, but my question about this is : Do they really want this problem solved? Isn't half the fun , actually getting over the fence to begin with? 


worse dog inventions


9) Dog powered scooter- at first I couldn't work out whether I loved this invention or hated it. Then i saw the dog's faces and thought "No this is wrong". There really is no need for this, didnt someone invent the bicycle attachment so you could run your dog along side- and wasn't that a great invention. I suppose the dogs in this case are actually powering the scooter to move as opposed to just running alongside it, but still- I don't like it.

worst dog inventions

8) The Dog Computer Gadget- This inventions is described as: an Internet-enabled device powered by a Raspebery Picomputer that allows dog owners to video chat with their pups and automatically deliver a dog treat from afar. 

Now this is a controversial one as many people will love this. I do in fact think it is a good invention, however my problem with this is that its designed to be used for dogs with separation anxiety , and its supposed to relieve their anxiety because the dog can see you and he gets a treat. For me, having worked with alot of dogs with separation anxiety I just feel that this is going to be used in lieu of good dog training/ confidence building for the dog, to address the separation anxiety itself. I actually think that this will make dogs MORE anxious as they won't really understand what the hell is going on!


dog inventions that are pants


7) The beach bumbag- I HATE THIS INVENTION SO MUCH! I generally hate all dog carriers like this, the dogs look so uncomfortable and WHY? Why are you arrying your dog in a carrier?? if for some reason they are ill and cannot walk, this is going to stress them out even more, and if they're not ill why on earth would you not WALK your dog- HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!


worst dog inventions


 6) Dog perfume- if you buy this dog perfume for your dog, then you really don't get dogs. Their idea of smelly heaven is not Estee lauder inspired Floral Perfume, its fox poo or dead rabbit. This is probably every dogs worst nightmare! What will their friends say!


Silly dog inventions


5) Dog hair dryer: I'm not sure why this was invented, but it shouldn't have been! Awful idea. The poor dog! Even the dog on the advertisement looks scared! And about to explode!


Dog hair dryer


 4) The "I have no words" dog invention of the year. I don't think i need to explain this awful dog invention! Surely it is just overthinking the poo problem!



 3) Along the same lines as the previous dog invention, i don't really know why this was invented but it shouldn't have been. I'm sure someone spent far too much of their money inventing this. Did anyone actually buy this???


worst dog inventions ever


2) The Dog Umbrella - Ok so i have a Jack Russell who hates the rain. He literally runs back to the car whenever it starts raining! However, i would feel like a real wolly out and about with this. I'm sure Murphy would cringe too, especially if his mates saw him! Please NO! Just brave the rain as nature intended!


  Dog umbrella


1) If I'm honest I do half love this invention. It will never and has never caught on (darn!) but i suppose it's marketed as a bit of fun and i've seen similar ones for babies, which are also quite funny! 

I like how it says on the side of the box "Petes are wonderful. And Lazy" Ha love it! Let them earn their living i say!

worst dog invention ever

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