Top 30 Hunks with dogs!

Top 30 Hunks with dogs!

I love hunks and i love i've compiled a list of my favourite hunks with dogs photos...enjoy!

30) Ronaldo 

Ronaldo with dogs

29) Pete Wicks

Pete Wicks with dog


28) Taylor Lautner

taylor and dog


27) Joe Manganiello

joe with cute dog collars


26) Kit Harrington

kit harrington dog


25) Prince Harry 

prince harry dogs


24) Jude Law 

jude law dogs


23) Jake Gyllenhall

Jake and cute dog


22) Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and dogs

21) Tom Hardy and Max

Tom Hardy dogs



20) Bradley Cooper 

Bradley Cooper dog lover


19) Ashton Kutcher 

Ashton kutcher dogs

18) Harry Styles 

Harry styles with dogs

17)  Gerard Butler and his Pug Lolita

gerard butler and dog

16) Ewan mcGregor and Sid

Ewan McGregor dogs

15) Josh Duhamel and his sausage dog Zoey

Josh duhamel and dogs


14) Clint Eastwood - I think this is a Lakeland terrier right? 

Clint Eastwood pics of dogs

13) Elvis and his hound dog!

Elvis and his dog

12) Leonardo DiCaprio and his dog Rufio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rufo his dog

11) Kellan Lutz , father of Kola and Kevin

kellan lutz with dogs

10) Ryan Gosling and his friend George


Ryan Gosling and dogs

9) Jeremy Rennerand his French Bulldog Hemi

Jeremy Renner dogs


8) Alex O'Loughlin: I have no words

Alex O'Loughlin and dogs

7) Tom Cruise: I'm not convinced that Tom is the biggest dog lover in the world, especially considering this awkward pose with this poor black Lab, but i'm a big fan of his and black labs so there!

Tom Cruise looking lush

6) John Legend: This photo combines four of my favourite things: Hunks in suits , dogs in cute outfits, Swimming pools and Roses! Perfection! I'm not quite sure what is going on in this photo but it makes me chuckle!

john legend and dog wedding


5) Ryan Reynolds : I'm a big lover of his movies and all great movie stars love dogs ..right? Well they should, take heed! PS if I get reincarnated i want to come back as this dog!

Ryan reynolds top photos


4) Justin Timberlake: Often Spotted with his three dogs  (Buckley, Brennan, and Tina) and wife , hiking in the Hollywood Hills. We love boxers and pit bulls too! Can we come!??

Justin timberlake and dogs


3) Jason Mamoa:

Jason Mamoa with dogs

2) Channing Tatum: 

Channing tatum with dog


1) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson : Not only is Dwayne Johnson the highest paid actor of the last year (2016) and voted the most sexy of the year too ! But he is a big dog lover and frequently posts Instagram pics of his beloved pooches. His current pooch Spinee is a blonde Labrador . I have also added in some of his past pooches including Brutus and Hobbs.

Hunks with dogs

Gorgeous guys and dogs

Dwayne Johnson and large dog

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