Top Dog Memes to make you chuckle!

Top Dog Memes to make you chuckle!

In recent months, i have become abit of a meme addict! Piniterest and Instagram are my new best friends and i love posting new funny memes that i come across, and love getting feedback on them from my followers. So here I've compiled my favourite dog memes (some old and some new), let me know your thoughts.


10) Dog on horse- I always wonder what dogs get up to when their owners are out at work, apparently they ride horses! Who'd have thought!


9) Beautiful Hotdog!- I love dacschunds, their sweet, gentle and humble animals!

Funny memes on instagram


8) Old man dog- is it just me or does he look like EVERYONE's Grandad! I love  the wise old expression on his face, so fed up , reminiscing what life used to be like :(


funny memes on instagram with dogs

7) Bouncer boxers! That little lady looks well protected. i wouldnt mess with them...would you??

fun dog meme



6) And this one neither! I think Husky's have one of the faces with the most expression of all dogs, they especially can pull off the look of pure evil! Must be the eyes !


funny husky meme


5) Meme Less- This photo doesn't need a meme, i think we all have a friend like him!


funny dog photo


4) Black Lab hero- I have a soft spot for Labs, especially black ones, as i have one myself). This is such a cute positive meme, that it deserved a respectable number 4 placing. That nose, any lab owner will tell you, gets everywhere!


black lab meme


3) Definately don't need a lie detector test for this one...the look says it all!

 funny dog memes



2) Dog at vets: Im not sure this is even real, (how can it be??) but it makes me chuckle coz my dog literally does this every time we go to the vets. I'm glad we're not the only ones!


funny dog at vet meme


1) Dirty lab- Maybe its because i own a black lab myself and this dog looks just like him! but i love this meme. I find dogs can be the most amazingly clever and most amazingly dumb animals both at the same time!


Black lab meme



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